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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Child Outcomes Measurement System Materials

These are the most current documents from the DOE/BEESS and the Early Steps State Office regarding the state initiative for a Child Outcomes Measurement System. They are divided into four categories:

  1. Child Outcome System Information
  2. Data
  3. Screener
  4. Refresher Video for Administration of the BDI-2
  5. Resources from Around the State
  6. Batelle Development Inventory (BDI) Order Form

1. Child Outcome System Information
These documents provide some history, an overview, and guidance related to implementing the Child Outcome Measurement System in Florida.

History and Overview of FCOMS (PDF, 250KB)

Guiding Principles in Developing Florida's System for Measuring Child and Family Outcomes of Early Steps and Preschool Special Education and Related Services (MS Word, 30 KB)
A list of the eleven guiding principles supporting Florida's system for measuring child and family outcomes.

Child Outcomes Phase-In Chart (MS Word, 96 KB)
A list of the five phase-in activities with dates of School Districts and Local Early Steps participation from March 2007 through February 2009.

Contact Lists for Child Outcomes
These lists contain contact information for the designated Child Outcome contacts for the LEAs and the LESs.
School District Child Outcome Contact List
This list is arranged by county school district with accompanying Local Early Steps.
Local Early Steps Child Outcome Contact List
This list is arranged by Local Early Steps with accompanying school districts.

Family Flyer - An informational pamphlet for families about measuring children's progress, the use of the BDI-2, and where families can go for more information. The flyer is available in three languages: English, Spanish, and Creole.
Measuring Children's Progress in Early Intervention and Preschool Programs

Flowchart and Decision Rules for Entry and Exit for Child Outcomes Assessments (MS Word, 48 KB)
This flowchart describes the pathways for entry and exit and shared data points for transitioning children. This is the newest version which went into effect on May 1, 2009.

Question and Answers Related to Requirements for Data Entry-Child Outcomes Measurement System (PDF, 370 KB)
This memo answers questions from the February 2010 conference calls regarding data procedures, including the use of raw score or item level data, obtaining information from other agencies, Local Early Steps or School Districts, viewing reports in the Data Manager, and the use of a unique identification number for a child.

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